Wednesday, 16 July 2014

do you want to see the snow?

Do you think he would come up to visit me over Christmas break? I asked myself.  Well it can’t hurt to ask.

I proceeded to send him a far too lengthy Facebook message to invite him to come see the snow; which would be a very different climate than he was used to. My friends were sure that I was asking something far out of reach; but my intuition told me otherwise. I knew he would book his flight because I knew that he was taken with me as I was with him.

“Guys, Guys, he messaged me!” I squealed during our study group.

“Well what did he say?” they all asked in wonderment.

“He said ‘Hey.’” I replied.  If eye-rolls could kill, the looks I was getting would’ve killed me many times over.

“That’s all it takes?” Chima said, “oh boy are you in trouble” she trailed off.

It’s not like she told me something I did not already know.  What started off as a fun game to be charming and flirty had spiraled me into a full-blown crush.

But I knew he liked me too because all of a sudden he was looking at me differently, finding reasons to talk to me and once slipped and said “that’s why I love you” under his breath.

When he booked his $400 flight, I wasn’t surprised.  My friends were in shock, but I was confident in the connection that we were building.

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