Wednesday, 16 July 2014

do you want to see the snow?

Do you think he would come up to visit me over Christmas break? I asked myself.  Well it can’t hurt to ask.

I proceeded to send him a far too lengthy Facebook message to invite him to come see the snow; which would be a very different climate than he was used to. My friends were sure that I was asking something far out of reach; but my intuition told me otherwise. I knew he would book his flight because I knew that he was taken with me as I was with him.

“Guys, Guys, he messaged me!” I squealed during our study group.

“Well what did he say?” they all asked in wonderment.

“He said ‘Hey.’” I replied.  If eye-rolls could kill, the looks I was getting would’ve killed me many times over.

“That’s all it takes?” Chima said, “oh boy are you in trouble” she trailed off.

It’s not like she told me something I did not already know.  What started off as a fun game to be charming and flirty had spiraled me into a full-blown crush.

But I knew he liked me too because all of a sudden he was looking at me differently, finding reasons to talk to me and once slipped and said “that’s why I love you” under his breath.

When he booked his $400 flight, I wasn’t surprised.  My friends were in shock, but I was confident in the connection that we were building.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

the guy in pink pants

I didn’t mean to fall for him as much as I did.  I met this guy once before, but never thought much of that encounter. I liked being single and I liked being able to focus on school, but I did miss having a crush. So months later at a party I marched over to my girlfriend and made a bold statement:

“Do you see that guy in the pink pants over there?” I asked. “I’ve decided that I’m going to have a crush on him tonight. I want to dance with a cute boy but at 10pm I’m calling it quits and that will be the end of that!” I proclaimed.

My friend thought I was joking, but I truly was not.  So I dug out my charm that had been hiding for about a year; I got flirty and batted my eyes, because well, he was very easy on the eyes.  I pretended to like him but then something funny happened, I realized that I wasn’t pretending anymore because it was 2 O’clock in the morning. Now I knew I was in trouble and suddenly I regretted not shaving my legs.

Monday, 9 June 2014

a bad investment

I came across a quote today from the ever-sexy Matthew Hussy, dating guru. He said, “don’t invest in a guy based on how much you like him, invest in a guy based on how much he invests in you.” Whoa. Mind. Blown.  Now I know what mistake I’ve been making in my love life!  I’ve always approached everything based on how much I like something.  I love to dance, so I always want to go out dancing.  I love to sing so I’m always looking for opportunities to perform.  But Mr. Hussy’s advice is so spot on.  Why should I invest more time, effort and love in a guy than he does in me?  I come from a family where we talk about everything (and I mean everything at the dinner table). Nothing has ever been off-limits…periods, boners, religion, politics…I’m being completely serious.  So it was only natural for me to become somewhat of an open book and to wear my heart on my sleeve.  I always thought that following your heart was the way to go…but I think I need to take a step back and work on guarding my heart a little more and then maybe just maybe I won’t get so heart-broken all the time.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Welcome to my blog!!

Hi, my name is Holly and welcome to my new blog! I’ve had my heart stomped on one too many times; so rather than sulk in my room, I decided to share my life’s stories with strangers on the internet.  Seems logical to me!  This will not be a blog you will want to miss! I’ll share the good, the bad and the ugly because that’s what life is; life is messy and life certainly isn’t a Disney movie (dang it, right?!).  After many years of walking down a broken road I know my soul mate is waiting for me at the bend, I just need to find that bend…wherever that may be.  Good thing I’ll be moving around a lot for school because then I’m bound to find that magical bend; at least that’s the way I figure it right now – I’ll keep you posted.

But in all seriousness, even though life is messy and love is a tricky business as I always say. Everyone deserves love, everyone deserves to be loved and second chances are ok because nobody is perfect.  Ok I already love you for reading my blog.  Comment below, follow me on twitter @singlegirlholly and let’s start on a new journey to love together. Cheers!